Developer's Blog 1

Developer's Blog 1

As a casual toy store owner, creating a website is no easy feat for me.  I've tried sourcing the job with a professional web designer but the quotation I received made me shy away just a tad bit as it was in the higher five digits region.  Asking a friend for help somewhat also wasn't an option as I knew the work at hand is more than a freebie they are liable to.

Thus after countless of sleepless nights a year and half ago, we created Learning Nation Namibia Online 1.0, the site looked clean enough, maybe not a modern masterpiece in today's standards, but it did the job.  We uploaded hundreds of products onto it and all seemed well, but just as quick as it came to life, it died down as we have neglected it's maintenance, especially with the store itself expanding three times throughout the last year and half, the site was totally abandoned.

Fast forward till three days ago, with the nearing date of the 2017 festive season, I've realized that without the site, all our out of town customers would not be able to purchase from us.  Logging back to the site, a year ago it already showed it's age in this modernized web world.  I don't know what came into me as I swiftly wiped it off our servers without a slither of regret.  What they say, if you don't discard the old you'd never have the new. (or did I just make that up? Hmmmmm)  Anyways, with another couple nights of hard work, I'm quite proud to showcase Learning Nation Namibia Online 2.0, this humble little site will be the home of our online catalogue, and hopefully it will grow into a site where all the mommies and daddies of Namibian children would use to pick the perfect gift for your little ones whether if it's their birthday or acknowledgment of achieving something great in school and sports. 

We will try our best to have the largest selection possible as well as take advice and pointers from everyone that supports us and build this little community together!

Thank you for reading my little message, these private tidbits don't appear often anymore on websites, but like our humble beginnings, we'd always like to stay humble!

Blessings from Chao-lin, your sales and webmaster at Learning Nation Namibia ^_^

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